AdVision project launch: Advanced Vision Framework for Flexible Manufacture Architectures

The AdVision (Advanced Vision) promoted by NEADVANCE, Machine Vision, S.A. in partnership with Universidade Nova de Lisboa, through FCT – Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias.

This project aims to develop a platform for deployment and integration of Machine Vision functionalities in any factory shop floor, production line or cell, acting as the controlling element, democratizing and delivering as an “on-demand” tech, while promoting concepts like Industry 4.0 and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS).

To this end, the project will comply with the design of an open Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence platform, that can be introduced in parallel with other robotics or automation equipment that integrate production lines/cells (hereinafter referred to as “Agents”), assuming a controlling role of the operations performed in each cell or industrial production line, through the use of image processing /analysis  (hereinafter referred to as “Skills”).

In short, AdVision will have a platform that will control the Agents of the production line in function of the images captured by the cameras of the vision systems.  Thus, are introduced in the latter, allowing the management of the production line intelligently and in real time.