Inspect2D – Presence, absence, positioning and 2D measurement

2D technology is designed for inspection applications of materials manufactured in a continuous or static processes.
In any case, currently, this technology is imposed in many other production and inspection processes, such as verification of presence/absence of components and measurements of products using the 2D technique.


Inspect3D – Presence, absence, positioning and 3D measurement

The recent years have been very significant in the development of 3D inspection techniques and automated quality control systems. We have seen several advances related to the quality of inspection and reliability of 3D technologies and equipment.


SpecS – Deflectometry

Using the deflectometry principle, detecting defects under shiny or glossy surfaces, can be made visible.
To achieve this, a pattern or multiple patterns are projected to the surface and compared with a “golden sample.” – Differences in the pattern are detected as surface anomalies.



The Beam&Weld component was developed to perform the inspection of glue, sealing, and weld beads assuring their continuity and consistency.



The Light & Color inspection system is a technology that performs optical control on objects or products that emit color or light for consistent quality and aesthetic appraisal.