The recent years have been very significant in the development of 3D inspection techniques and automated quality control systems.

We have seen several advances related to the quality of inspection and reliability of 3D technologies and equipment.

3D systems can deliver repeatable results and maintain inspection quality on uneven and challenging surface materials and all with the shortest integration time.

Neadvance’s Inspect3D solution is prepared and optimized with the most advanced artificial vision algorithms to verify the presence/absence and positioning of components, as well as to make measurements using three-dimensional techniques, transversal to all types of industry.

Tire manufacturers have to ensure that all the stages of the production process are being controlled. They are producing thousands of parts per hour, so it is necessary to integrate a reliable AOI system to produce quality as efficiently as possible and being competitive in an active market.

The dimensional inspection of the blank materials is mandatory for the quality and safety of the final tire.

This way it’s important to ensure that the key parameters are being measured and controlled within the tire extrusion lines.

Usually, the measurement of the thickness of leaf springs for vehicle suspensions is performed manually with samples, offline and through direct contact.

These products’ specifications require quality control at ambient temperature, so manual inspection can only take place after a 2-hour rest and cooling period. With this procedure, the occurrence of defects in the production process leads to inefficiencies in production, in terms of costs related to the wastage of raw materials, energy consumption and storage. In an increasingly aggressive market as far as costs are concerned, there is an urgent need for thickness automated measurement systems for this type of materials.