The Light & Color inspection system is a technology that performs optical control on objects or products that emit color or light for consistent quality and aesthetic appraisal.

This verification and inspection can evaluate intensity, homogeneity, colorimetry and pattern checking,

enabling it to perform a wide range of functions, both at the processing and data analysis, as well as at the level of inspection.

From 2011, daytime led lights are compulsory for all new cars in the EU and are a road safety measure. The daytime led light guides where conceived to run during the day.

The purpose of this system is to make the vehicle more visible to other drivers and not to assist the driver. For this, it´s crucial that all the characteristics are in conformity with the production process.

Design and innovation go hand in hand in creating new automotive components, these innovations contribute significantly to the image of premium brands engaging their target audience.

This innovation in logo projectors adds an exclusive and luxurious feature to the vehicle, therefore, it´s imperial that all the components are in conformity with the highest pre-defined quality standards.

Tire manufactures have to ensure that all the stages of the production process are being controlled. They are producing thousands of parts per hour, so it is necessary to integrate an reliable AOI system to produce quality as efficient as possible and being competitive in an active market.

The tread color lines play an important role, indicating type, size and other characteristics of a tire model. So, it is extremely important to ensure that these colored stripes are being well applied and following the correct recipe.