Collaborative Laboratory in Digital Transformation

The notarial deed of the creation of the Collaborative Laboratory in Digital Transformation (DTx) was held in Guimarães, on May 10. Neadvance has participated in the occasion as an associate member.

The DTx, which has the legal status of a non-profit association, has its object applied research in different areas associated with digital transformation, encouraging cooperation between R & D units, higher education institutions and the productive sector in new collaborative and sharing contexts risk, value creation and qualified scientific employment.

The Colab DTx is based in Guimarães, but it will also have laboratories in Braga, Matosinhos and Évora. In addition to the funding of its associates, it has the support of 7.5 million Euros, guaranteed by FCT under the Collaborative Laboratories Program.

The design and development of cyber-physical system products, as well as evolutionary systems integrating, for example, intelligent materials, digital manufacturing technologies and solutions based on artificial intelligence, will be the main objectives of this Colab.