INDTECH 4.0 Project: Collaborative Robotics | Neadvance

As part of the INDTECH 4.0 project, together with DIGI2 – Digital and Intelligent Industry Lab | Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Neadvance developed a collaborative robotics system based on an industrial robot to support the supply of components to the operator. Watch more.

Our experts involved in the project focused on six core features:

✅ Human Monitoring
✅ Object Detection and Localization
✅ Voice commands
✅ Process adaptation to Human Movement Prediction
✅ Facial recognition for loading/storing Personalized Process Graphs
✅ Human Obstacle Avoidance

This project was developed by a group of companies with strong R&D capabilities – Motofil Robotics, Active Space Technologies, Critical Manufacturing, RARI, and Neadvance – supported by the technical-scientific knowledge of three universities (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, University of Beira Interior and University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto-Douro).

The Mangualde factory of the Stellantis group hosted, on the 24th of September, the final presentation event of INDTECH 4.0. During this day, all entities involved in the project displayed the prototypes developed over these four years.

Watch HERE the recap video.