niop – The tailor made solution for your business

The industry is facing a revolution, and there is a lack of people, skill, and time to make it happen. This is where niop comes in. In order to capture the knowledge and technology built over the years, Neadvance developed a low code platform that offers all our technology in an easy and a fordable way. It allows you to build autonomous systems in up to 60% less time and up to 68% less cost with no software engineers.



What is niop?

niop is a low code platform that brings to life programs to control your machines.

Based on a Drag-Drop-Done concept, niop gives people and companies the right tools and an easy-to-use user interface, so that no one needs to be an expert to control intelligence systems where a mix of artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, and automation is required to be successful.



Why niop is unique?

We are experts in artificial vision, machine learning and automation with more than 15 years of experience.

With niop you don’t need no technical knowledge; you have 10x more tools than the alternatives; is fully manufacturer-independent; reduce your time-to-line up to 60% and reduce up to 68% of your project software costs.

You have an easy, complete, fast and effective way to build intelligent machines maintaining the quality and the control required for their applications. 

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A Customized Solution

Using niop you are able to build your own solutions to respond to the many types of challenges from different areas of the industry with customized solutions. You can program machines that implement bar code readers, pick-and-place systems, and visual quality control systems just to name a few! All of these in a much faster pace with a higher quality.

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About Neadvance:

Founded in 2017 as a spinoff of the artificial vision area of ​​Enemeter – Sistemas de Medição Lda, Neadvance has a highly qualified team of more than 70 people with about 20 years of experience in the development of computer vision systems and computer solutions of artificial intelligence.

This was, in fact, the first Portuguese company to export artificial vision solutions to European manufacturers in the automotive industry. Its current customer base includes leading companies such as Bosch Car Multimédia, APTIV, Continental, Faurecia, Super Bock Group and Banco de Portugal.

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