The Applicability of Robotics in Logistics

Working in the field of vision and artificial intelligence applied to images is an experience full of privileges and nothing better than describing some examples of the applicability of this technology.

It’s a privilege to be able to add value to precision robotics applied to the aircraft industry, guiding and monitoring robots and all equipment that perform their functions in its production process, which is so demanding in terms of rigor and safety.

It’s a privilege to be able to contribute to monstrous savings, by preventing disasters caused by forest fires, whose causes can be prevented through the use of image processing available in the most varied forms.

What if we think about the huge volumes of images that we publish on our sites and that can present content that may be offensive to our target audience? It is a risk that can be eliminated by applying image processing techniques and deep learning imaging, and with this protecting the image of brands, often the main asset value of companies and organizations.

It’s a privilege to be able to disruptively increase productivity in complex, repetitive, and heavy logistical processes for humans through adaptive and collaborative robotics. In this area, providing robots with eyes and brains means allowing them to adapt to the dynamics of the objects handled and the conditions of the environment in which they operate. Objects are not always in the predicted position, nor are they always the expected size. Being able to adapt the operation to be performed to the target object according to its properties is only possible through the addition of vision and artificial intelligence solutions. For example: “palletize” and “depalletize”; determine effective volumes and dimensions of each object handled; apply appropriate fastening solutions depending on the type of materials that make up a pallet dynamically.

For all this and for the moment we are going through in digitalization, Industry 4.0 technological evolution, in which the power of images has a dominant relevance, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never made so much sense. In fact, the value that can be brought to the most diverse industries is very significant and will be increasing.

And, yes, it’s a privilege to live with so many initiatives in these areas and with a great team, delivering so much value through increased productivity and quality in the resulting processes and products, in the most varied industries.